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Why it’s good to get volunteering experience

Posted on: 07 Jun 2019, admin

This week it’s Volunteers’ Week – an opportunity to say thank you to all the wonderful people across the UK who give up their free time to help others.  

Though we do not offer volunteering roles at Ascendant Recruitment, we do think it’s a great way to help you grow and develop in your career journey. There are so many personal and professional benefits to volunteering, here’s our top five!  

  1. Gives you valuable skills & experience  
    Volunteering can provide you with the transferable skills companies look for in their employees. For example, a structured volunteer programme can expose you to the real-life running of the working environment such as communication, line management, teamwork and using your initiative. As long as you’re honest, show your commitment and dedication, volunteering can be a great platform to further your career! 
  2. Meet new people  
    Volunteering is diverse; you can come across a mix of people who vary in age, culture, and background. Meeting new people is a great way to broaden your outlook on the world which will help you in the workplace, where the ability to work in a team with a range of people is key.    
  3. Boosts your employability 
    The resume coach says that employers look favourably on applicants who have volunteering experience. It demonstrates determination, empathy and drive – all skills employers love! So, if you’re in-between work, a student looking for some extra cash or a fresh graduate looking for a job, volunteering can give you that something extra and help you stand out.  
  4. You can get qualifications from volunteering  
    Students – if you’re still in school, college or university make sure you check out what certificates and awards are available for volunteering. Often times they offer some form of scheme or programme to encourage students to volunteer as they know how important it is.  
  5. It allows you to take risks 
    You want to enter a sector you have 0 experience in, how’d you start? Volunteer! There are hundreds of volunteer opportunities, from sports coaching, fundraising and telesales. Volunteering can give you a taste of the industry you’d like to go into and help you improve the skills you want to develop. Online services such as do-it.org.uk  can help you find the right opportunity for you! 

If you’d like to speak to our team about your CV then please send it into info@ascendantrecruitment.co.uk and we can help you to find your dream job!