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Mens Health Week How to stay healthy in the office

This year's theme for Men's Health Week is "By Numbers." Each year the Men's Health Network campaign to highlight health issuesthatspecificallyaffect men. It's often said that "Health is Wealth" and with the average man spending over40 hours at work each week, we thought it'd be a good idea to give you guys five tips on how you can stay healthy in the office.

(And although these tips are aimed at men for Men's Health Week, they are all actually good practices for both men and women!)

  1. Walk to work
    If it's possible, why not walk to work? There are so many benefits to walkingonly 30-minutes a day. It increases the health of your heart, enhances muscle power and endurance, reduces excess body fat and so much more! We understand that this may not always be possible but when you can, walk!
  2. Have a meeting on the move
    This is ties in with our first tip on walking, you don't have to only walk 30 minutes a day why not get those steps whilst you're in a meeting. Do you have a phone call meeting? Why not do it on the move. (However, we advise that you do go somewhere quiet)
  3. Stretch
    Did you know thatstretching can reduce workplace stress? Frequent stretching keeps your muscles and tissues working just as they should! This can help improve your mental capabilities throughout the day, leaving you less tired, stressed and keeping you working hard!
  4. Say no to sugary snacks and candy
    This may be difficult for our sweet-toothed guys out there. Though they may seem like a quick fix to those rumbles, they don't do anything for you in the long-run. They are digested quickly, leaving you on a rollercoaster of sugar highs and lows. Instead, bring in some healthier snacks in from home or better yet, the healthy left over from dinner the night before.
  5. Drinkwater
    Drinking water at work is very important - fun fact: there's actually alawin place that states that employers must provide drinking water!Drinking water will help you fight off those sugary cravings and leave you feeling hydrated. If you'd like some extraflavourtry putting in some fruits - you'll be extra nutrients too!

We understand that it isn't always easy to keep healthy in any setting however, it's important that you do. We hope that this has inspired you to be a little healthier at work. If you'd like some more health tips, we've written a blog on the effects of stress in the workplace and you can combat it, check it out.  

Why it's good to get volunteering experience

This week it's Volunteers' Week - an opportunity to say thank you to all the wonderful people across the UK who give up their free time to help others.  

Though we do notoffer volunteering roles at Ascendant Recruitment, we do think it's a great way to help you grow and develop in your career journey.There are so many personaland professionalbenefits to volunteering,here's our top five!

  1. Givesyouvaluable skills & experience
    Volunteering can provide you with the transferable skills companies look for in their employees.For example,a structured volunteerprogrammecan expose you to thereal-liferunning oftheworking environment such as communication, line management, teamwork and using your initiative.As long as you're honest, show your commitment and dedication, volunteering can be a great platform to further your career!
  2. Meet new people
    Volunteering is diverse; you can come across amix of people who vary in age, culture, and background.Meeting new people is a great way to broaden your outlook on the world which will help you in the workplace, where the ability to work in a team with a range of people is key.
  3. Boosts your employability
    Theresume coachsays that employers lookfavourablyonapplicants who have volunteering experience. It demonstrates determination, empathy and drive - all skills employers love! So, if you're in-between work, a student looking for some extra cash or a fresh graduate looking for a job, volunteering can give you that something extra and help you stand out.
  4. You can get qualifications from volunteering
    Students - if you're still in school, college or university make sure you check out what certificates and awards are available for volunteering. Often times they offer some form of schemeorprogrammeto encourage students to volunteer as they know how important it is.
  5. It allows you to take risks
    You want to enter a sector you have 0 experience in, how'd you start? Volunteer!Thereare hundredsof volunteer opportunities,from sports coaching, fundraising andtelesales. Volunteering cangive you a taste of the industry you'd like to go into andhelp you improve the skills you want to develop.Online services such you find the right opportunity for you!

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