We started helping candidates and clients stand out in 2003 - and we just can't stop! 

Our time is spent helping our candidates and clients stand out in the crowded recruitment marketplace. Hundreds of job seekers and companies often miss each other because of a lack of time and visibility.  
To secure the job you want or the talent you need, you MUST stand out. It is the main thing we have been helping people do since 2003 

Nick Peacock interviewed by Professor Damian Hughes 

Nick discusses the stimulation of the recruitment history and how it has changed over the last 25 years. He discusses the challenges the industry faces and how artificial intelligence will challenge it further. 
He describes why Ascendant Recruitment always builds relationships based on the lifetime value of a client and how providing good value for money is the most common-sense way to build your business. Additionally, he and Damian discuss the importance of taking ownership of your own personal development, the difference between transactional business and relationship-based business and why recruiting good people is singularly the most important thing in his business. 
And finally, he describes the three things he looks for when he recruits and the best piece of business advice he has ever received. 

The problems - too much choice and not enough time 

Great candidates are often hiding in plain sight and great opportunities get lost amongst the hundreds of job adverts posted daily.  
We decode the CVs of our job seekers, to make their talents obvious and we decode the job opportunities of our clients to make them clear for our job seekers.  
This takes time, patience, skill, experience, and thorough processes which we are not prepared to compromise; all of which we have been building and improving since 2003. It is a never-ending journey that we are delighted to still be on! 
If you are a job seeker, or a company searching for their next employee, please call us today on 01908 200270 or email [email protected] 
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