Just like a butterfly a temp-to-perm job could transform your career
In uncertain economic times unexpected redundancies are a possibility. If it happens to you it will undoubtedly come as a shock. However, you can also see it as an opportunity for change and growth
You might already have an established career so initially you might not consider applying for temporary jobs in different sectors. However, don’t rule out this option as a route to a new and rewarding permanent role. 
Here are some tips to help you turn a temporary job opportunity into a long-term career. 

Understanding what temporary to permanent means 

‘Temporary to permanent’ or temp-to-perm means your temporary job could transform into a full-time role if you hit the ground running and, crucially, don’t treat the position as 'just' a temp job. Influencing factors might include your attitude, performance and transferrable skills from your previous experience. 
The process of moving from a temporary to permanent role can vary in different business sectors. In the office world, temporary workers are often called into action when the company has been a little blindsided with their volume of work. You can turn this situation into a fantastic opportunity by making yourself invaluable. If you fit in well and meet the job requirements you might be asked to apply for a permanent position. We think demonstrating your skills by actually completing tasks is easier than talking about them in an interview. 
If you already have specific technical skills a temporary position is an opportunity to show your competency. It’s a practical way demonstrate that you’re suitable for a full-time role with scope for growth. You and your employer can both decide if it’s a good fit. 

5 tips for temporary to permanent opportunities 

Being realistic, you might find that the job market is changing. The traditional approach of searching for vacancies for your next permanent career move could be harder to find. Taking a flexible view of your skills and potential might open new doors. Here are some things to consider. 
1. Enjoy the company culture 
These days jobseekers take company culture very seriously with good reason. More and more, employees and employers want to share values, attitudes, behaviours, and practices. This helps make sure everyone can work together effectively. A positive company culture can increase job satisfaction, improve productivity and overall performance. 
The first step in your temporary to permanent employment journey is to value the company’s culture and feel that you can be part of it. Do you like the way your colleagues work together and communicate? Is it easy to build positive workplace relationships that encourage collaboration? 
Becoming part of the team shows managers you can be part of their company’s success. 
2. Understand your role 
Review your responsibilities and performance measures to understand how you can demonstrate your value. Look for key words and phrases that explain how your role relates to the company’s overall business goals. This will help you find opportunities to shine. 
3. Have a positive attitude 
It’s always good to do things to the best of your ability. Treat your temporary role as if it was permanent – try it on for size. Complete the things you’re asked do to a high standard. You can even set your own short-term personal performance goals so you can show how you have contributed. Use the SMART goals (specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and time-bound). Don’t be afraid to ask what the expectations are for average performance so you can exceed them. Show enthusiasm and help colleagues where you can. Even if the role isn’t what you’re looking for you’ll have a good story to tell about what you achieved. 
4. Build your network 
You can meet all sorts of interesting people working in temporary roles. Take time to find out their background and interests and make the effort to keep in touch. If appropriate connect with colleagues via professional social media and share updates. 
5. If you’re interested in a permanent role, say so 
Your performance will help managers decide whether to offer you a permanent role, but only if they know you’re interested. Once you’ve decided that the company is a good fit with your career plans and your values, show genuine interest. You’ll probably have several months to show you will be a good full-time employee. 

Benefits of temporary to permanent 

You can evaluate your prospective employer’s internal culture before committing to a full-time role. If it’s a good fit you're more likely to enjoy working in this environment. Your on-the-job experience also allows you to show you’re a good candidate for a permanent role. 
Even if you don’t take on a permanent role, the experience will help you develop the ‘soft skills’ to help you enter new industries and roles. You’ll also discover the benefits of working flexibly which could lead to new learning opportunities and a new work-life balance. 
We believe temp-to-perm working is an underestimated in the recruitment sector. If you would like to know more just give us a call. 
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