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10 ways to make yourself indispensable at work

Posted on: 12 Jan 2017, admin

Whether you’ve worked in your current role for a while or you’re about to embark on a new job, one of the most effective ways of ensuring your own job security, career progression (and even job satisfaction) is by doing everything you can to make yourself as indispensable to your employer as possible.

Think about your office. Does anyone stand out as being the go-to person? The one who always gets things done, the person who always seems to know the answers to everything (or if they don’t know, they know how to find out!). If you want to become that person, here are some tips on how to achieve this:

  1. Take ownership:

Taking ownership of projects and accepting accountability will help you to earn the respect of your managers and colleagues. This also includes being accountable when things go wrong and not rushing to blame others. By being honest about any mistakes and working to resolve them, you’ll start to earn their trust and appreciation.

  1. Work hard and work smart!

The most valuable employees to a business will do what they need to do to get the job done. This may involve sometimes coming in early or staying late, but this isn’t all. It’s about remaining focused while you’re at work and prioritising your workload so you’re working on the tasks that make the biggest contribution to your company.

It might also be about going the extra mile when you need to, whether that be phoning a customer at a time you wouldn’t usually be working to ensure you’re delivering the best possible service or adjusting your arrangements to make sure you can attend an important meeting.

  1. Embrace change:

Technology is changing all the time and to remain valuable to our employers, it’s crucial to be open to learning new skills and willing to adapt to change. So whether you need to learn a new system or adopt a new process, being open and ready to learning something new or changing your way of working will place you in high regard.

  1. Have a positive attitude:

Following on from the point above, having a positive attitude towards work will help when embracing change. People with an upbeat attitude naturally lift the mood of others around them. By taking a positive approach, even when the chips are down, your colleagues will naturally gravitate towards you. Being able to remain optimistic in challenging situations is an important trait that will serve you well in any job.

  1. Acknowledge and appreciate others:

As well as having a positive, upbeat attitude at work, you’ll also inspire confidence in your colleagues if you’re able to appreciate and acknowledge the achievements of others. When you consistently recognise the achievements of your colleagues, you’ll find that they will tend to value your opinions and contributions.

  1. Communicate!

Good communication is key to developing strong relationships at work and remaining visible in your organisation. If you’ve worked on a project that will impact on your colleagues and clients, make sure you keep them up to date. When you’re in a meeting, don’t be afraid to confidently contribute your ideas and suggestions when asked for feedback. By making sure you communicate regularly with your managers, colleagues and team members, you’ll be able to build effective working relationships.

  1. Offer solutions and new ideas:

To be a real difference maker, you need to be able to think of solutions to problems that arise. Remember, part of your job is to make your manager’s job easier so they’ll appreciate it if you’ve come up with your own solutions before going to them for the answer.

The ability to think up new ideas that will help your company to achieve their goals will also help you become a valuable asset to the team. Whether you’re coming up with a new process to save time and money or you’ve discovered a gap in the market, your ability to think outside of the box will help you stand out from the crowd.

  1. Be a team player:

While it’s obviously important to stay on top of your own workload, if you want to be perceived as indispensable at work it’s important to work with your team to achieve company goals. If you’re able to help another member of the team, perhaps by training them to help them become better at their job or by offering them guidance in some way, it’s worth taking the time to do so.

  1. Uphold high standards:

When you’re overloaded with work it can be tempting to rush things to get them off your to-do list. In doing so the quality of your work could potentially suffer. While it’s important to work efficiently, it’s always worth taking the time to check that your work is of a high standard – this will help you earn a good reputation amongst your managers, colleagues and team members.

  1. Be reliable and trustworthy:

One of the best ways you can demonstrate your worth to your managers and colleagues is by consistently demonstrating that you’re someone who can be relied on to get the job done. By following through on your promises, practising what you preach and doing your best not to engage in company gossip, you’ll develop a reputation for your integrity and reliability.

In this blog I’ve listed 10 ways to help make yourself as indispensable as possible at work. It’s worth mentioning though that no-one is ever completely indispensable so this is something that should never be taken for granted. Even though your company doesn’t want you to leave, they will inevitably still find a way of managing once you have moved on. However, by putting the above tips into practice, you’ll ensure that you’re a valued team member your employer doesn’t want to lose.