We thought we’d share some positive affirmations and tips for those who are job hunting. Here are some ways you can stay positive and motivated during a period of transition. 

1. Get creative! 

For the visual learners among us, sometimes having something tangible and visually appealing makes all the difference. If you’re feeling uninspired and have no idea what it is you want to do career-wise, then try creating a mood board
Start by listing some categories e.g. companies you’d love to work for; skills you possess; things you care about; skills you’d like to acquire etc., and then build it from there. Add colour, images, photographs, inspirational quotes, pieces of text and anything that embodies your passions, personality and interests. 
Top tip: Try connecting pieces of information that relate to each other with string or with a pen. You never know, you might have your dream job mapped out by the end of it! 

2. Effective time-keeping 

We get it: job-hunting can feel like a total chore. We’re all guilty of procrastinating and filling our day with various tasks – cooking, cleaning, walking the dog – in order to avoid the one thing we should be doing. But it doesn’t have to be this way! 
The Pomodoro Technique is a time-management system that encourages users to break their day into 25-minute chunks (or tasks), separated by 5-minute breaks. It’s been proven to increase productivity as it gives users a sense of urgency, in the same way an exam or test forces you to work. 
Top tip: Use an egg timer or hourglass while you work, and allow yourself a break once the sand has slipped through. 

3. Get some exercise 

This is so incredibly important when it comes to taking care of your mental health and staying positive. If you feel stressed, anxious or in a muddle with something, the best thing you can do it take a break and get some fresh air. 
Top tip: Many authors take to walking when they feel stuck with a plot point or narrative arc, it can really loosen the mind and is an effective problem-solving method. Why not give it a try! 

4. Stay social and network 

It’s tempting to shut yourself away from the outside world, but that can have a negative effect on your mind and self-esteem too. Stay social and attend networking events – there are plenty that are free and it’s a good opportunity to meet industry professionals. It’s always good to go with questions in mind, and a sales pitch for yourself. Research the companies or individuals beforehand, and find out whether they’re currently hiring. 
Top tip: If you have a particular company or role in mind, then consider your existing network (friends, family, ex-colleagues) who might have a similar background or contacts in the industry. Reach out and introduce yourself on LinkedIn or via email – ask if they’re available for a coffee or chat, and make your intentions clear, e.g you’d like to discuss job opportunities or gain industry advice. 

5. Speak to a local career advisor 

If you’re struggling with job hunting and feel stressed and overwhelmed, you might want to speak to a local career advisor to discuss your options. Contact the National Careers Service for advice on entering the workforce and finding the right job for you. 
If you want to discuss your career options, please give the Ascendant Recruitment team a call on 01908 200270 for our MK office or 01604 439380 for Northampton. 
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