Some employers choose to conduct phone interviews as part of the hiring process, often as a way to screen candidates and cut down the number of face-to-face interviews. It is important to prepare for a telephone interview, just as you would when asked to attend one in person. 
There are, however, a few things to take into consideration, if you are to improve your chance of success: 


Any employer looking to hire new talent, will expect candidates to do their homework, reading up on the company and any key events. As soon as you have scheduled the telephone interview, get researching to prove that you understand the way the company operates, and that you will be a good fit for them. Write a list of bullet points to have in front of you during the phone call. 

Know the Arrangements 

You need to be 100% clear on when the interview will happen, and who is calling whom. If possible, you should establish the name of the interviewer(s), prior to the call. If you are planning to use your mobile, make sure it is fully charged with plenty of signal. You will be expected to have thought this through beforehand, so excuses of poor location or interruptions won’t fly. Take yourself somewhere quiet and private, and with good connection in plenty of time before the call takes place. 

Dress the Part 

Believe it or not, dressing the part can prove immensely worthwhile. It will put you in the right mindset, and encourage a more professional tone. Even if you are sitting in the comfort of your own home, sit yourself at a desk or table with your shoes and jacket on, as if you were in a meeting room. For some people, standing up can increase their confidence and voice projection. Have a glass of water near by. 


Not everyone has experience in dealing with clients or colleagues over the phone. Practising your telephone manner will boost your confidence and allow you to come across in a more genuine way. It is difficult communicating your personality without the benefits of body language and eye contact, but a lot can be learned from a person’s tone of voice. If you are particularly nervous, ask family and friends to call you and conduct mock interviews. 
In conclusion, telephone interviews are a great opportunity to showcase your skills and experience to a potential employer. If your telephone interview goes well, there is no reason why you shouldn’t be invited back for a face-to-face interview and move one step closer to landing your dream job. 
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