There are over 35,000 Recruitment agencies in the UK. What’s our purpose? How can we help your business grow and see it become the success you’ve envisioned? There are many benefits to using a recruitment agency and here are just a few of them: 

Save time 

Say goodbye to the hours spent on writing job descriptions, hauling through countless CV’s and interviewing candidates who aren’t the right fit for your company. Working with a good agency will save you time on all of this, meaning that you can focus your energy and resources into other important issues. 

Extended Talent Reach 

You’ll often find that the best candidates for roles are those who haven’t advertised themselves on job boards. However, recruitment agencies are able to reach these candidates. This broadens your selection pool and increases the chances of finding the right person for your company. 

Industry Knowledge 

Recruitment agencies are experts on people and a good recruiter knows the perfect candidate when they see one. Agencies will often keep up-to-date with job market trends within particular industries to ensure that their hiring strategies match what’s going on in the world. So you can be rest-assured that we are doing the proper groundwork to give you the best candidates. 

Quick and Efficient 

As recruitment agencies solely focuses on recruitment, we’re able to act quickly on new information. For example, a potential employee may want more information on a role you’re advertising. As a company, you may not be able to respond to the candidate as quickly as we can. In a more serious example, a candidate may decline a job offer a day before his/her start date. Without an agency, the company would have to begin the recruitment process all over again, however, with an agency, we are able to quickly solve that problem. 
So now you know the benefits of using an agency, we’ve got some more tips from Ascendant Recruitment’s managing director Nick Peacock, about what to look for from an agency: 
“Ask the agency about their processes. It’s important you have a clear understanding of how the agency functions on the day-to-day. Do your research. Find out who their main clients are. If they work with influential companies or competitors, chances are they have highly-skilled candidates you could hire. You can also request references and testimonials – and check their social media to gauge how active and ‘present’ they are across various channels and platforms.” 
If you’re a business looking for a recruitment agency in Northampton or Milton Keynes, contact Ascendant Recruitment today. Email [email protected] or call 01908 200270 (Milton Keynes) / 01604 439380 (Northampton). 
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