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Enhancing your career


How to stay marketable

To insulate yourself from the inevitable ups and downs of the job market it’s crucial to keep your skills up to date. Align them with your current employer as well as potential employers.

Keep Learning

Independent learning will set you apart as an employee who is committed to their own self development. Gaining qualifications relevant to your employers business will increase your current value and your value to potential employers. As a minimum make sure that you know how to use the latest technology and ensure this knowledge is reflected on your CV.


We’re in unique times, when employers are asking employees to cover many different tasks encompassed in just one position. Gone are the days when an employee was responsible for one task and one task alone. The most valuable employees are the industrious ones who embrace change and thrive on new challenges. Remain equally flexible about where your career may take you and embrace new career opportunities that present themselves even if they aren’t what you’d first planned.

Leverage your network

Who you know in your current company, in other organisations, on LinkedIn or in your social network could hold the key to your next career move. Regularly communicating with your network will make sure that you’re in their mind when suitable career opportunities arise.

Are you a mind reader?

Whilst you do need to stay up to date with the skills your employer and other potential employers will be asking for in the months and years to come the good news is that you don’t have to be a mind reader! Surfing the internet and reading current job advertisements, reading trade journals and speaking to recruitment companies will give you most of the information you require.

Is your CV reflecting your current skills and achievements?

  • Keep your CV up to date with all your new skills and achievements
  • When possible give tangible examples of your achievements. Keep the examples specific and whenever possible try and illustrate how your efforts saved or made money for your company


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