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Climbing the career ladder


Chloe's story

If you have recently left education and are looking to start your career, temping can be a great way to get your foot in the door. This is Chloe's story...

Five years ago Chloe Harvey had just finished her A levels and was looking to begin her career. She registered with Ascendant Recruitment and we helped her find her first full time job as a customer services adviser for Mercedes-Benz. Today she’s still at Mercedes-Benz, having worked her way up to being a manager within their Marketing department and her career continues to go from strength-to-strength.

We asked Chloe to tell us her story and asked what advice she’d give other young people who are starting their careers.

Q: What was your situation when you registered with Ascendant?

A: ‘When I registered with Ascendant I’d just finished my A levels and was looking for a new job. I knew I wanted to work for Mercedes-Benz as I had a family member who worked there and knew what a great company it was. My ultimate goal was to work in the Marketing department.’


Q: What was your first role at Mercedes-Benz and how did you progress?

A: ‘I started in the Customer Services department on a rolling temporary contract. I worked hard and the role was made permanent. After 18 months in this job, I was ready for a new challenge and was seconded to a more senior role within the Customer Services team. I continued to take on new challenges and made some great contacts within the business. 

Once this secondment came to an end, I was lucky enough to secure a place within the Marketing department as a Customer and Prospect Communications Specialist. I was delighted to join the marketing team and when an opportunity arose for a Team Leader a year later, I went for it and was fortunate enough to get the job! I am now responsible for a team of 10 and I love my job. If you work hard and want to progress, there are so many opportunities within Mercedes-Benz.’


Q: What advice would you give to other young people who are starting out in their careers?

A: ‘If you really want to succeed in your career, it’s about showing passion and having a good attitude. I believe in business you reap what you sow. The people who work hard and who are always willing to go the extra mile will be noticed by the senior management team.

If you have just left education it’s worth keeping an open mind about what your first job will be and you should be prepared to do something that might not be your perfect role. Once you’ve got your foot in the door, you’ll have the opportunity to prove yourself and show your employer what you’re capable of.’

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