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Writing a CV


10 things to remember when writing a CV

At the CV stage of the recruitment process you cannot secure a role but you can definitely lose one. Follow our 10 tips to make sure that your CV ends up in the yes pile:

  1. Brevity is king; keep it to no more than two pages. This can be achieved by avoiding unnecessary detail such as age, religion, and sex.
  2. Don’t write in the first person – start your sentences with verbs.
  3. List your career history in reverse chronological order explaining any gaps in your employment  history.
  4. Bullet point your achievements and responsibilities and go into greater detail about the more recent and relevant roles.
  5. List educational institutions and achievements in reverse chronological order.
  6. Have a personal profile detailing your specific skills and abilities and the benefits you’ve brought to your previous and current employers as a result. Avoid clichés such as having a “bubbly personality” or being “a good team player who is able to work on his own initiative”. These overused clichés will make you look very unoriginal.
  7. Include computer skills, language skills and any relevant training underneath your personal profile.
  8. Keep your hobbies and interests section short but do include details of any charitable work.
  9. Referees can be provided on request but having gone to the trouble of taking employment references will save a new employer the trouble and may make your application more attractive.
  10. Always ask a friend, (preferably one with excellent attention to detail and English skills) to read your CV for typing and grammatical errors.


Download our Template CV builder [Word format]