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Three questions to ask your prospective recruitment consultancy


Once you’ve done your initial research and narrowed it down to two or three agencies you like the look of, these are some questions you should be asking your prospective recruitment consultancy to help you decide which agency to work with:

1. Where do you find your candidates?

What you should be looking for: Your agency should have a variety of ways of sourcing candidates and not be relying too heavily on job boards. You would expect this to include candidates sourced from personal recommendations, social media campaigns (which is likely to include multiple social media channels and not just LinkedIn) and online marketing. This means your agency will be able to potentially find suitable candidates who are not actively looking in the job market but are open to change.

2. Do you have recruitment experts for different specialisms?

What you should be looking for: One of the main benefits of using a recruitment agency is the time it can save you by taking much of the work off your hands. However, if your consultant doesn’t have a good understanding of your role, the industry you’re recruiting for and the local marketplace, there is a risk they could misunderstand the type of person you’re looking for and waste your time by sending you irrelevant CVs.

On the other hand, a recruiter who specialises in a particular sector will be able to quickly get to grips with understanding your role, know where to find the type of person you are looking for and be able to offer you guidance on what’s currently happening in the marketplace.

3. Do you meet all your candidates in person?

What you should be looking for: Finding the right person for a job isn’t just about skills and experience – it’s often just as much about team fit. If an agency is doing their job thoroughly, they will have taken the time to interview a candidate in person first (giving them the opportunity to get to know them better) before deciding whether to put them forward for your job. This way, you should find that your agency only puts high quality, suitable candidates forward for your roles.

The extra time you’ve taken to select the right recruitment company should prove to be a valuable investment. By asking for recommendations, reading independent reviews and understanding their recruitment process, you’ll be in a position to choose a partner you can trust to act on behalf of your company and help find your talent of the future.