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The interview and beyond - your questions answered


Once you’ve selected a recruitment partner to work with and agreed on the candidates you’d like to meet, the next stage is the interview process itself. Remember, your recruitment consultant should have already conducted a thorough screening process and held an initial interview on your behalf before putting each candidate forward for your role. Therefore each person you meet at this stage should be very capable of doing the job they are interviewing for and you will be selecting the person who is most suitable overall.

Where will the interviews take place?

Most employers choose to hold their interviews at the location where the candidate will be working, as it gives them the opportunity to get a feel for the environment in which they will be working and potentially meet other members of staff. Some companies even like to include a tour of the office as part of the recruitment process to help give the candidate a bigger picture of the business.

However, an increasing number of employers choose to hold first-stage interviews (and sometimes second-stage interviews) on the premises of their recruitment consultancy. There are a couple of benefits to doing it this way; firstly, it can be unsettling for existing employees when interviews are continuously taking place around them. Secondly, a more neutral environment can potentially provide a more relaxed setting for both parties, plus there is the added benefit of having a consultant onsite to discuss your thoughts and feedback with immediately after each interview has taken place. If this option is of interest it’s well worth speaking to your recruitment consultancy to see if it’s a service they offer.

Who makes the offer to the candidate?

Your recruitment consultancy will make the job offer to the candidate on your behalf as part of their overall recruitment service, unless you specifically express a preference to do this directly. In our experience most employers prefer to leave this to the consultancy. Your consultant would manage any questions and queries between yourselves and your candidate and keep the process running smoothly. If you are recruiting for a permanent role, all you would need to do as the employer is to arrange for the permanent contract to be created and sent to the candidate.

Do candidates pay for our recruitment services?

This is a question we’re sometimes asked by both clients and candidates but the answer is most definitely no! Our candidates do not pay us to find work for them, nor do they pay us when we find them work. This applies to the majority of recruitment agencies but if you’re in any doubt, it’s always worth asking the question.