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Relocating to Milton Keynes


Choosing a new location for your business can be a little daunting to say the least, often more so than buying a house, simply because there are so many things to factor in. Your employees for example, and the local amenities they would need for their families should they move too. Not to mention business prospects from the surrounding area, accessibility, image and possibility for expansion without further relocation.

Milton Keynes offers all of the above and more. Officially born as a New Town after the war to relieve housing congestion in London, it has since flourished into by far the most successful of them all. With 5,000 jobs being generated each year it has recently received yet another top ranking – this time by Experian plc, as the place with the best growth prospects for jobs and output for 2013-­2017.

Part of its charm however is its suitability to home both large international companies whilst simultaneously claiming one of the highest start‐up rates in the country for local firms. This is for a number of reasons. Namely the continued reinvestment into the city’s own economy, helping it grow from strength to strength thus increasing its appeal as a place to set down roots. It is also located enviably close to London with strong transport links, whilst still retaining a sense of identity as a city in itself. Birmingham, Oxford and Cambridge are also easily accessible.

The local surroundings are a contrast of modern urban landscapes with beautiful English countryside and parkland. The city centre is a thriving hub of shops, bars, restaurants and indeed a strong cultural dynamic including numerous theatres, galleries, cinemas and venues.

One thing that makes Milton Keynes truly unique however is its residential offerings for anyone looking to live and work there. As a city, it technically incorporates several local towns along with fifteen villages and extensive farmland in between, providing a wealth of choice for employees and their families. There are both state and private schools in the area, with many of the former obtaining results above the national average. Milton Keynes is also the location for various higher education institutions, including the Open University headquarters.

The last 25 years have seen nothing but success for Milton Keynes, with future prospects also looking bright. In a global economy and culture, having your business in the heart of a thriving international hub of prosperity is a positive step forwards for numerous reasons. The city currently receives more inward investment enquiries than any other area in the South East of England. What’s more, in the midst of a global recession, Milton Keynes recorded the highest growth in earnings of any UK city in 2012.