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Obstacles to avoid when interviewing


This is a simple list and links to the subjects we’ve discussed in preparing for your interview part one and part two.

  1. Not doing your homework with the result that you don’t know what you are looking for. To ask insightful questions of a would be recruit, you need to know a great deal about what you are actually looking for.
  2. Not looking beyond curriculum vitae. The fact of the matter is that even a great CV is nothing more than a document typed by someone who wants to impress you; no matter how good it is, it’s no guarantee that the person has the skills and abilities to successfully complete your role. Your role is unique and you need to be able to figure out how this person will meet the requirements of your role by asking meaningful questions and listening attentively to the answers, as opposed to simply accepting that the CV has all the answers.
  3. Being blinkered to certain candidates such as a non-graduate, or a graduate, or a person changing career, or returning to work or indeed someone you perceive has worked for a less good company.
  4. Not accepting that talent and education come in many different forms. Universities simply look for good grades, but the aptitude for passing tests may not give a candidate the skills and abilities needed to add value to your company; experience at another company may just do so.


Refer to our other guides in particular interview preparation part one and two and you will avoid these common mistakes when interviewing.