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How to get promoted


How to get promoted

Promotions are not given to everyone so it’s crucial to plan your career moves.  Visualise where  you’d like to be in your career and make the necessary preparations for it to become a reality. Below are some tips that can help you turn your vision into reality.

Demonstrate your value (on an on-­going basis)

Go above and beyond your job description and immediate supervisor’s expectations; after all it’s you who’s going to gain the most.

Depending on your role the ways in which you can go the extra mile will vary but there are several key characteristics of successful people that if followed, will help to demonstrate your value. They include:

  • Reliability: nothing defines you better than being a reliable person
  • Professional: be your own and your company’s best ambassador Hard-­â€working: very little gets done without it
  • Passionate: this characteristic will not only inspire other people it will make you stand out from the crowd
  • Persistent: keep going, no matter what you’ve been tasked with, you’ll face obstacles. How you respond to them will define you and your career potential.

Communicate your desires to your manager

Your manager, in all likelihood, will play a key role in your advancement in the company. Remember, their promotion may rest on how well he develops you, so it’s typical that your promotion is in both of your best interests. Make it easy for him to see your developing skills and abilities by taking on extra responsibilities and developing new skills. Take on these extra responsibilities collaboratively however, so it doesn’t appear you’re trying to take his job!

Finding a mentor

Finding a mentor has become an exceptionally popular way to fast-­â€track your learning and development and promotion within a business. A mentor can provide valuable insights into how you can develop personally and into the subtleties of gaining promotion within an organisation. If the mentor is from within your own business they could also prove a valuable ally when it comes to interviews and taking references.

Keeping your skills up-to-date

It’s said that every piece of information you require to gain a promotion is within the brain of someone. It’s crucial the important information you require to keep your career moving forward is in your brain! So make it a daily discipline to communicate with people more senior than you to keep aware of the skills and abilities you need to be developing, in order to replicate their success.

Are you in the right company?

Is absolutely crucial, should you want to develop your career, you join the right company in the first place. Internet sites such as LinkedIn allow you to research your target companies; investigate the career progression of people inside the company to establish whether you’ll be able to achieve the goals you’ve set for yourself. Once inside your target company make it your business to apply for internal roles as they appear as opposed to waiting to be asked.