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How much does social media matter in my job search?


According to a Jobvite Recruiting Survey 2012 92% of companies will use LinkedIn, Facebook and/or Twitter when they are recruiting and 73% of companies have used social media to hire someone.   Seventy-three per-cent of companies have found a new hire through social media, of this 89% tried LinkedIn, 26% Facebook, and 15% Twitter.

It’s no longer a case of if social media affects your chances of finding your next great opportunity, but how much. Following are some important points that you really need to know about how recruiters use social media – follow this simple guide to make sure you are doing the correct things and avoiding these do nots!


  1. Create a professional profile about yourself. Remember that you want to be noticed without being too obvious that you are looking for a new job. Make your career history concise and subtly good without being over the top and without exaggerating. Facts can be easily verified (or not) on the internet. Pay particular attention to your current role (if this is the position you are trying to build upon), showing duties, progression and key achievements including specialist training.
  2. Show membership of professional bodies and any volunteering activities you are involved in, as well as any charitable donations you make.
  3. Pay great attention to spelling and grammar. In a recent survey of recruiters, poor grammar and spelling mistakes produced a more negative feeling than even pictures of people drinking. When you are typing your profile type it in Wword, spell check and then post into your profile to avoid silly errors.
  4. Gain a referral. The Jobvite Recruiting Survey 2012 found that a candidate who was referred by another employee had a 1 in 7 chance of being hired compared to a 1% chance of being hired if not referred.

Top Tip

Make sure that your profile isn’t mixed up with another person’s of the same name by having links from your Curriculum Vitae to LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.


  1. Have inappropriate pictures no matter how nice or how innocently posted on your profile.
  2. Have no sexual references, profanities, drug references or grammatical errors.
  3. Make political and religious comments with caution.

Top Tip

If in doubt, leave it out!  Make sure that items that recruiters may not want to see are locked behind your privacy settings.

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