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Finding the right job


When you start your job search, it’s a good idea to evaluate the real reasons why you are leaving your current role. This list, in effect is a list of the things you no longer want in your role and looking for the opposite (or at least a substantially different set of circumstances), is what you should be contemplating when you look for your new role.

Why do people leave roles?

  1. Money
  2. Poor boss
  3. Feeling of being under valued
  4. Boredom or lack of challenging work
  5. Limited opportunities for growth or advancement
  6. The job not being as expected
  7. Continually being asked to do more with less


With a combination of this list and your own list, you can start to investigate which companies will give you what you want on a day-to-day basis.

Once you have a list of potential companies, the simplest way to research your shortlist is to find people who currently work for your target company, have worked for them, or speak to someone who has supplied them or interacted with the company in some way.

The internet will of course hold a great deal of information, simply typing the company name in Google, should be a great start on your investigative journey.

Investigative tips

If you use the professional networking site LinkedIn, you would be able to view people who worked at your target company. By looking at the length of time people stayed at a company you’ll be able to better asses some of the factors above. Furthermore, if the employees had multiple job roles (promotions) at a company you may be able to satisfy yourself that the company could provide you with career opportunities.

Conversely if the internet was covered with stories of lost contracts, high turnover of staff and possibly postings from disillusioned employees then no matter how 'theoretically' good the company sounds for you it may be best to give them a miss!

This process will undoubtedly narrow down the companies you want to work for, may lead you to your next company but if nothing else, it will open your eyes to how many good companies exist and how you can go about verifying if they can give you what you want.

To help decide if a job will suit you, speak to your Ascendant Recruitment consultant. Our detailed business knowledge will help you determine if the role/company is the right fit for you and a positive step in your career progression.