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Here we've put together a set of resources helpful in the interview process, pieces around employment legislation and other useful articles.


 How using a recruitment agency can save you time and money

  1. Top 4 benefits of using a recruitment agency
  2. Save time and find the best talent
  3. Why use Ascendant Recruitment?
  4. Recruitment consultancy fees explained
  5. 3 questions to ask your prospective recruitment consultancy
  6. 3 tips to help you identify a winning recruitment partner
  7. The recruitment process - what you can expect

 How to attract and retain talented employees

  1. Key performance indicators
  2. Attracting and retaining top performers
  3. Dealing with counter offers
  4. How to write an effective job description
  5. Innovative benefits
  6. Retaining talent
  7. Attracting top candidates checklist
  8. Download our free report: The Three Management Mistakes that drive away your best employees
  9. Are you paying a competetive salary? Find out with our free salary report
  10. What employees want: find out the results from our latest survey

 Your hiring process

  1. Job specification guide [PDF download]
  2. Job specification template [Word download]
  3. Conducting your interview
  4. Obstacles to avoid when interviewing
  5. Preparing for your interview – part one
  6. Preparing for your interview – part two 
  7. The interview and beyond - your questions answered

 Legal updates

  1. Agency workers regulations
  2. What you should know about pensions auto-enrolment  [external link, Opus Group]
  3. Parental rights and flexible working
  4. Preventing discrimination and promoting diversity
  5. The Bribery Act and how it affects you as an employer 

 Talent is always the answer

Relocating your business to Milton Keynes

 Our promise

In 2003 Ascendant Recruitment made a choice between providing and selling a service as cheaply as possible or building quality into every process we use, training our consultant’s extensively and investing in technology to make sure we remain at the cutting edge of candidate attraction and communication.

With this decision in mind we tried to put ourselves in your shoes. We felt that you’d prefer to deal with a company who puts everything they can into being an excellent recruitment company rather than one which doesn’t invest and who can therefore only ever produce a mediocre “get by” service.

Most people (and we hope that means you too) clearly understand that good things aren’t cheap and cheap things are seldom good. So whilst we understand that our service will never be the cheapest we passionately believe that our service and the results we achieve for you will offer the best value for money in recruitment services in Milton Keynes, Northampton and the surrounding areas.

We’re sure that you want a dependable service for sourcing great candidates and you have our promise that our service will not only be dependable, it will always be courteous, efficient, professional, and exceptionally knowledgeable in the area of helping you find and retain great talent.

Nick Peacock

Nick Peacock, MD