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I came across Ascendant through a web search for 'Milton Keynes recruitment'.

Prior to working with Ascendant Oyez had worked with other recruitment agencies and found that they tended to waste our time by sending us over the details of unsuitable candidates. When recruiting sales staff we specifically look to recruit experienced people who can quickly understand new technologies and who can speak intelligently and confidently to senior decision makers. When using other agencies we found that several of the candidates sent to us had not been pre-vetted and had no technical or sales experience at all.  One person I interviewed admitted to me that he had never personally met with the recruiter but had just spoken to him on the phone briefly! The recruiter hadn't taken the time to meet with, or qualify, the candidates being sent to us.

We need a recruitment agency who actually takes the time to think about what we need and who will work hard to deliver.  Honesty, punctuality and flexibility (we tend to change our brief during the process) are all important too.

If you are an employer who is looking to recruit, Ascendant won't waste your time by sending unsuitable people. They will pre-qualify candidates and only send those who they believe are truly capable of filling your vacancy. I would also say they are very professional and extremely easy to work with.

Also, I like that Ascendant does not contact me continually after the position has been filled. Some agencies are a bit over-zealous in their quest for repeat business.