New job opportunities, just like pumpkins, will be plentiful this autumn.
If you’re thinking of looking for a new job, there could be plenty to choose from this autumn. Many employers are looking for new recruits but you’ll want to be sure you make the right choice for you. Here are some tips to help you stand out. 

The job market 

The latest Labour Market Outlook reports that almost three-quarters of employers plan to recruit in the next three months. 
More than four out of 10 employers say they have hard-to-fill vacancies. In response many have recently upskilled existing staff and increased wages. Employees are having to do more to cover gaps. To recognise the added pressure they face many employers are improving job quality. This might include more progression opportunities and career pathways and better training for leaders to improve their people management skills. 
If you’re looking for your next perfect role you could discover some interesting and exciting employment packages. 

How to find the right job role this autumn – six steps 

1. Do your research. Choose the type of role you are looking for and check recruitment advertisements and job boards. Review the job descriptions and person specifications to see if these roles are really right for you. Visit employers’ websites and check reviews given by current and previous employees. This will all help you shortlist job types, sectors and employers before you start to apply. 
2. Write a good CV. A potential employer doesn’t need to know every detail of your work history. However, they will want to see that you have relevant experience. Make sure your CV is well organised to showcase your strengths. 
Don’t be tempted to add too many details or use design elements and gimmicks. Please don’t use clichés like ‘I’m a strong individual’ or ‘a good team player’. Instead highlight specific skills and back them up with evidence. For example, ‘My attention to detail is very good and in my current role I am responsible for proofreading our marketing material each month’. Be prepared to tailor your examples for each job application to highlight your most relevant skills and experience so you can stand out
Did you know you can easily save your LinkedIn profile as a .pdf file or download it to provide a starting point for your résumé? 
3. Take time to complete job applications. Your job application is your opportunity to create a good first impression with potential employers. Be selective about which roles you choose and take time to complete your job applications fully. You might complete an online form or send an email with your CV and a covering message. Whatever format, make sure everything is clear, specific and tailored to the role. 
4. Prepare your interview plan. Once you are invited for an interview create a list of things you would like to know. There’s usually an opportunity for you to ask questions and it’s good to be prepared. You might include questions about the job description and responsibilities and your potential new employer. If the job includes tasks you haven’t done before, ask about training. 
Review questions you might be asked and think about your answers. Be ready to explain what you want in your new role and how you would like your career to progress. 
5. Ask for feedback. At your interview ask when you can expect to hear the outcome. Call if you don’t hear from them and, if you’re unsuccessful, ask for feedback. It will help you improve your next job application. 
6. Use a recruitment agency. Recruitment agencies are always looking for good candidates and can help you find the right role. Go to a professional agency like Ascendant Recruitment which has the experience and expertise to help you find the right role. Visit agency websites before you choose one. You should find plenty of helpful information about how to prepare for your new position. Check out their online reviews to see what other candidates have to say. 
Expect to be invited for a one-to-one interview and preparation sessions. You can then benefit from efficient, professional and tailored feedback. It’s this type of support and communication throughout your journey that helps you stand out from the crowd. 
The team at Ascendant Recruitment will be happy to give you advice and support. We can match your skills and experience with suitable vacancies and employers. 
Please get in touch for an informal discussion. 
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