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Why Should Businesses Use Recruitment Agencies?

Posted on: 11 Dec 2018, admin

In our previous post ‘What value does a good agency add?’ we considered the main reasons a business might team up with an agency to support their recruitment strategy.

As we have discovered, there are numerous advantages to working with a good recruitment agency, including:

  • Access to highly-skilled candidates
  • Saves business time (and money)
  • Most agencies have an in-depth knowledge of sector/industry
  • Salary benchmarking (based on our market knowledge)

To complete the blog series, we spoke with our Managing Director Nick Peacock, to ask more specific questions on the subject.

Nick established Ascendant Recruitment in 2003, and since then, it’s grown to house a team of 15 highly-skilled consultants who work within a number of divisions including Office Support, Finance and Accounting, Human Resources, Warehousing and Sales and Marketing.

Why should businesses use recruitment agencies?
First and foremost, working with an efficient and reputable agency will save you time. It’s a proven cost-effective method that will enable you (and your business) access to candidates that aren’t advertising themselves on a job board. We often find that the best people for our roles are people who aren’t necessarily looking for a new role, but will move if a great role is placed in front of them.

How can clients identify a good, credible agency?
Ask the agency about their processes. It’s important you have a clear understanding of how the agency functions on the day-to-day. Do your research. Find out who their main clients are. If they work with influential companies or competitors, chances are they have highly-skilled candidates you could hire. You can also request references and testimonials – and check their social media to gauge how active and ‘present’ they are across various channels and platforms.

Is it best to use an agency that’s local to you?
Not necessarily but we tend to become extensions of our clients’ HR departments and like to be close. But ultimately this depends on how your own business functions and whether any of the roles can be done remotely (where the candidate works from home), or if they need to be in-house at all times. Some candidates are willing to travel for work, such as commuting into London, if the position is right. Ask the agency for examples of the type of roles they’ve filled that are similar to yours.

How do agencies normally advertise roles? What are the most effective forms of advertising?
In my experience, I’ve always found that word-of-mouth is the best. At Ascendant Recruitment, we try to utilise various forms of advertising, such as our own website, job boards and open events, and we are doing a lot more recruitment via Facebook now. Recently we hosted an ‘after hours’ event at an independent coffee shop, where our team of recruiters met with local candidates to discuss job opportunities. This was a nice way to meet candidates face-to-face in a comfortable and relaxed setting.

How do agencies normally negotiate salaries with the client? Who pays what?
Clients normally fix the salary but sometimes they look to us to guide them as we know the local market so well. The client pays a fee based on the permanent salary offered to the candidate. When we supply temporary candidates, we do so at a ‘margin’.

Do agencies offer industry insight? How does this benefit the client in the long-run?
We have a wider view of the marketplace and can help you to put a solid recruitment strategy into place. We can pull our knowledge of the candidate and local market together to give you the best results possible and to advise you about what you can realistically achieve with your budget. We can tell you what our other clients have experienced and we can help to guide you to get the best possible results.

We hope this blog series provided you with an insight into understanding the advantages of working with a recruiter. Whether you’re a job-seeking candidate or a business looking to hire fresh talent, we wish you the best of luck with your search!