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The job-seekers guide to surviving Brexit

Posted on: 22 Nov 2019, admin

Yesterday’s blog post focussed on how businesses can survive in these uncertain ‘Brexit’ times. We wanted to continue with this theme and provide some great tips for job-seekers to make sure that business uncertainty isn’t having a negative impact on their career.

Since my career in recruitment started in the late 1990s, I’ve met hundreds of graduates and back then, it was the norm to get a ‘proper job’ when they left university (which means 9-5 pm, a permanent contract and some degree of job security).  But things aren’t like that now. More businesses are operating 24/7 businesses and need staffing around the clock. Job security is a thing of the past now and many businesses are relying on agency based, zero hours staffing. So, what can job-seekers and the working population at large do to make sure they’re getting the best possible opportunities?

Yesterday’s blog post talked all about flexibility being the key to success. Well, I think that this has never been more relevant for our candidates who are both graduates and people with an extensive career.

We’ve taken some great tips from The Big Choice who have written a blog post for graduates about how they can be flexible in their career choices.  

  • Open-mindedness – consider new ideas and opportunities
  • Positivity – be optimistic and forward looking
  • Creativity – research and identify new ways of planning and working
  • Adapting – change the way you work to suit the situation or environment
  • Saying yes – give things a go instead of saying no straight away

For those of you with a number of years’ experience in your chosen field, there are some simple things that you can do to safeguard your position within your company. Make sure you’re equipping yourself with as many skills as you can that will make you stand out amongst your colleagues. If formal training isn’t an option, why not ask about job-shadowing with a more senior colleague or another department? This will give you more exposure to other parts of the business and will help to share ideas and opportunities within the business?

Volunteering is another great way to expand your skills and demonstrates your commitment to self-improvement. We’ve written a blog about the benefits of volunteering which you can read here (insert link). 

Use your commute in to work and your lunch break wisely. Listen to some podcasts that focus on either self-improvement or that are related to your industry. This will show your employer that you are taking your career seriously and are interested in progressing. Some great skills that you can develop through listening to a podcast include:

There’s nothing that you can control about this ongoing political situation and the impact that it can have on the economy. However, you can control your reaction to any career-based curve balls by thinking flexibly, equipping yourself well in the work-place and having a positive mindset.

If you’re concerned about the possible impact of Brexit and the economy on your current role then why not speak to one of our consultants who can give some impartial career advice and help you to secure a new role. If you’re based in Milton Keynes, then you can reach our team on 01908 200270. For roles in Northamptonshire, our team are on 01604 439380.