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The Ascendant Recruitment Process: Meeting Every Candidate

Posted on: 19 Feb 2019, admin

At Ascendant Recruitment, we often say that we’re in the business of arranging marriages. Well, not literally marriages, but marrying up the right candidate with the right client, and vice versa.

This is why it’s so important that we meet with our clients at the start of their search for a new employee, and we meet with every single candidate at the start of their job-search, too. We talk with each candidate on an individual basis, and we meet with our clients when they provide us with a job briefing. We’ve found it’s actually quite rare in recruitment these days – which is another reason why we invest the time in meeting our clients and candidates and it’s something that makes Ascendant Recruitment deliberately different.

Our role as a recruitment company is to listen to the needs of the candidate and the needs of the client, which are naturally unique and specific. We have to get to know what’s important for the employee and employer to ensure that we are marrying up the right candidate with a client who is a good fit for them. It’s our job to listen to every candidate’s drives, needs and career aspirations; after all, it’s naïve to think that skill set is all that matters. Quite often, the candidate’s skill set is just scratching the surface of their real experience, know-how and knowledge.

We love chatting with our candidates and getting to know their skill set, experience within a team, character, career aspirations and goals, and making notes about important things like the need for flexible working hours if they want to pick up their children from school, or whether they would need an office close to their home so that they could pop home to their dogs at lunchtime. In the same way, we talk with clients about what they want from a new employee, and this helps us iron out specifics such as whether they could offer a temporary or permanent role, and what previous experience the candidate needs to have, for example.

Just like in most aspects of life, we’re not always able to match every single thing, but we think it’s incredibly important to match up the core essentials. Just because one role isn’t quite right for a candidate, it doesn’t mean that they’re not perfect for another position. As a candidate, there are so many benefits to signing up with a recruitment agency, as we can get to know you and tailor your job search to find you the best possible role. In the same way, there are a wide range of advantages to businesses relying on agencies to find them new, experienced employees. We have access to highly-skilled candidates who are enthusiastic, motivated and eager to start a new job!

Whether you’re a candidate looking for a job or a business searching for a new employee, we’re passion about marrying up our pool of expert candidates with our wide range of clients. Contact us today on 01908 200270 or 01604 439380.