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Making The Most Out of Gaps in Your Work History

Posted on: 06 Sep 2012, Nick Peacock

It’s not unusual for someone to have gaps in their employment history but it can feel like a stumbling block for candidates trying to get back into the working world. (more…)

What Your Body Language Says About You

Posted on: 17 Aug 2012, Nick Peacock

There are some people who seem to glide through life without a glitch − they gather a crowd at parties, are always the one to be approached, and reap the benefits of an altogether successful life. (more…)

“85% of Your Social & Financial Success in Life is Determined by Your Social & Communication Skills.”

Posted on: 08 Aug 2012, Nick Peacock

It’s a phrase job seekers know all too well − “I am a good communicator,” “I have a natural aptitude to communications,” − there are so many variations to express the same group of qualities, but do applicants pay enough attention to the power of social and communication skills? (more…)

Maintaining Your Reputation Online – What Would a Potential Employer Think if They Saw Your Profile?

Posted on: 26 Jun 2012, Nick Peacock

The world’s number one social networking website, Facebook, is a great tool for keeping in touch with your friends. Tens of millions of people around the globe use it for that very purpose. Increasingly however, employers are using the site to research potential employees, (more…)

Flexible Workers to Kill Off the Old Fashioned Job Description

Posted on: 31 May 2012, Nick Peacock

Here at Ascendant Recruitment, we're aware that with the tough economic climate and the pressure for managers to run their teams in a ever more efficient way the rigid job description is becoming increasingly irrelevant as we see the the flexible employee and employer come into vogue. (more…)

Make an Example of Yourself

Posted on: 25 Apr 2012, Nick Peacock

It’s crucial on your curriculum vitae (CV) and during an interview that you insist upon making an example of yourself. (more…)

Are You a Good Employee?

Posted on: 12 Apr 2012, Nick Peacock

With so much discussion about austerity, belt tightening, and general down beat forecasts you could be forgiven for worrying about your future career prospects (more…)

Milton Keynes Unemployment Figures – It’s Not as Bad as You Think

Posted on: 05 Mar 2012, Nick Peacock

According to the latest news reports unemployment levels have risen across the UK, but is the situation in Milton Keynes really that dire? We don’t think so. (more…)

It’s All About Preparation

Posted on: 02 Feb 2012, Nick Peacock

One thing I stress to the Ascendant Recruitment team, and in turn to our candidates, is the importance of preparation. (more…)

For Employers: The Pros and Cons of Hiring Temporary Staff

Posted on: 01 Feb 2012, Nick Peacock

Current economic conditions have put pressure on just about every employer in every sector. Forced redundancies, pay cuts, stalling bonus payments and a drop in staff morale have all combined to make the day-to-day rather different than it was six or seven years ago. In an environment like this, and particularly with respect to businesses that have been forced to shed large (more…)