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Making the impossible…possible

Posted on: 04 May 2018, admin

This is the last in this series of blog posts about flexible working, having previously shared Sharan and Sue’s stories.  We want to share some practical hints and tips so that if you’re in a position and hoping to alter your hours to work flexibly, you’ve got some resources to access to help you prepare.

There’s some useful resources on the government’s flexible working web pages and that’s a great place to start. If you’ve been in a role for over 26 weeks, then you are entitled to put a request forward for your employer.  The website explains the steps you should take and what the employers’ responsibility is.

There are lots of ways you can request flexible working, including:

  • Job sharing
  • Working from home
  • Part time hours
  • Compressed hours
  • Use of flexi time
  • Annualised hours – a certain number of hours spread over the year
  • Different start and finish times to other employees
  • Phased retirement

If you prepare your case properly and do your research, your employer will need a solid business reason as to why they cannot uphold your request for flexible working.  If you take a look at this page on the government’s website, you’ll find out more about how you can make a request and how an employer should respond to it.

Throughout this series of blog posts, we’ve featured some of our staff and this time, we’re sharing Anna’s story.  Anna is one of our consultants working in the permanent placements team.  Anna is mum to Zachary who’s 4 and Mia who is 3.

“Nick really did make the impossible seem possible when he approached me about a role at Ascendant Recruitment.  I had my children quite close together and then spent over 2 years as a stay at home mum. Like many women, I found that life with children wasn’t all coffee shops and play dates, but isolating, not mentally stimulating and sometimes thankless!  I was also concerned about having too long a gap away from the workplace – it would have affected my employability and my confidence.

Initially, it was difficult trying to learn the ropes in a new organisation, but the team are really supportive and understanding.  We communicate well and have great systems in place to make sure we can respond to clients and candidates. I often take my laptop home and screen CV’s and call candidates once the kids are in bed. From a candidate perspective, it’s better for them that I can speak to them when they aren’t at work – so flexible working can be a real benefit in recruitment.

There are times when I must adjust my work to fit around my family, but I’m never made to feel guilty and the team know I put the hours in – just not always in core office hours.  I think a lot of employers should consider offering flexibility as they’re missing out on great people otherwise.”

If you would like advice about how to approach your employer to discuss flexible working or want to find out more about the flexible roles that we have available through Ascendant Recruitment, please get in touch on