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How to celebrate The World Cup as a business (and not neglect your principles)

Posted on: 18 Jun 2018, admin

Tonight is the hugely anticipated kick-off between England and Tunisia #ENGTUN, and the team at Ascendant Recruitment couldn’t be more excited.

It goes without saying that the World Cup is one of those events that truly unites a country. In a world that can sometimes feel divided, lonely and isolating, it’s global events such as these that can boost morale and create a real sense of community and togetherness.

An impressive 3.2 billion people (almost half the world’s population) tuned in to watch the 2014 World Cup. We anticipate similar numbers this year with all eyes on Russia, the hosts for this iconic sporting event.

But what does this mean for businesses who want to avoid disruption during the event? Is it possible for employees to celebrate the tournament whilst also retaining efficiency in the workplace?

There are a number of ways businesses can celebrate the “world’s most widely viewed sporting event” with minimal disruption to productivity. It doesn’t have to be all doom and gloom; in fact, The World Cup provides an opportunity for employers to boost team spirit and camaraderie among its staff.

Today we’re speaking to Operations Manager, David Forbes, on how events such as the World Cup can have a positive impact on business. We discuss ways to both actively encourage participation in the workplace, whilst maintaining the company ethos of clients and candidates first.

David says: ‘There’s something so unique about getting behind a country and supporting a team. The World Cup provides a great excuse to rally together and celebrate this great sporting occasion.’

There are myriad ways a business may choose to operate during The World Cup. Whether that’s allowing more flexible working or introducing summer hours, with a clear agreement that they have to make the time up elsewhere. It’s essential that employers are hospitable during the season; staff are less likely to simulate sickness if companies are considerate during the period.

Here at Ascendant Recruitment we want our employees to enjoy The World Cup whilst maintaining professionalism in the workplace. We’ve got a number of interactive and fun activities in place, such as a sweepstake, which is proving to be incredibly popular among staff. This is an effective team-building exercise and anyone can get involved. We also have regular updates in the office on live scores and results after the main tournaments.

But with all this excitement, how do employers ensure that service isn’t compromised? Here at Ascendant Recruitment, we want our employees to enjoy the event and to celebrate the tournament together. However, we will continue to remain customer-focused and ensure that a high-quality service is delivered.

‘Business comes first,’ says David. ‘It’s paramount that the needs of our clients and candidates are met and not neglected during this time.’

So, our advice to other businesses would be the following:

  1. Be hospitable. Employees are less likely to ‘pull a sickie’ if you incorporate ways to enjoy the season together. Make sure any new policies, such as flexible working hours, are clearly communicated to avoid confusion.
  2. Be innovative. Relaxed, friendly and fun working environments can inspire creative thinking.
  3. Be fair. Not all employees will be excited about the footie season. Remain considerate and ensure the work environment isn’t disruptive as this will impact morale.
  4. Be YOU. For Ascendant Recruitment, our clients and candidates always come first. Don’t neglect your working practices and principles during this period. Maintain your company ethos and philosophy at all times.
  5. Enjoy it! We wish all the players the best of luck for tonight’s game.