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Employers: Four Things to Keep in Mind When Employing Staff

Posted on: 29 Jul 2019, admin

At Ascendant Recruitment we care about the whole recruiting process, it’s important to us that we focus our energy on both our job seeker and our client (the employer).

So, what should you be thinking about as an employer when employing new staff? Well, Glassdoor recently looked at the top UK recruiting statistics and here are a few of the important findings you need to know! 

  1. Attracting passive candidates is challenging
    Glassdoor found that 75% of hiring managers said that passive candidates (people not actively looking) are difficult to attract – they’re more likely to respond at a much lower rate. Employers should keep this in mind as they draw up their recruiting strategies. At Ascendant Recruitment we’ve found that the most sought after candidates are very often those who aren’t actively looking for work. However, we also know that many of these passive candidates may be happy to move if the opportunity is good enough.
  2. Before accepting an offer, job-seekers consider salary, location/commute, work-life balance, benefits and career opportunities 
    As an employer, you want to make sure you’re attracting the best candidates. Ask yourself these questions: are you giving a fair salary for the role? Are you considering their travel time? What’s the work-life balance culture like in your company? What are the benefits available? And is there good career progression in the role? By considering these factors you are increasing the chances of your job adverts reaching the right candidate(s). 
  3. Your online reviews are very important
    Glassdoor’s study revealed that 4 in 5 job seekers research company’s online reviews and rating before applying for a job. What does this mean for you? Have you checked what your online presence is like? If you’re in the process of employing make sure you’ve checked what’s been said about you online.  If it’s not the best, have a look at your organisation and look at the way you’re changing it.
  4. Your reputation as a whole is important
    84% of job seekers say that a company’s reputation is vital when it comes to deciding to apply for a job. How are you looking on social media, do you have an active presence? If you’re not on social media, try putting your company’s achievements in a place which is very visible to those visiting your website.

We hope this has helped you to learn more about the key things job seekers are looking for when searching for a new role.  We wrote a blog with more general things to consider when employing staff, so check that out too!