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Check out January’s Temp of the Month winner!

Posted on: 12 Feb 2018, admin

Congratulations to Dominic Muir, the latest winner of our Temp of the Month award.

He was nominated by Fiona Hodgkin, who’s been incredibly impressed with Dominic’s hard work and accurate approach.

Fiona said: “Dominic was hired as a temp to extract data and enter it on a spreadsheet for us. Dominic anticipated and carried out the relevant checks unprompted, producing basic data to an extraordinary level of accuracy.

His willingness to take up a challenge and see a project through to accurate completion is exemplary. He works well on his own and asks relevant, carefully thought-through questions to complete his tasks. He has been given more work of a similar nature and tackled it with relish.

To say Dominic ‘goes the extra mile’ would be an understatement: we’d heartily recommend him as your Temp of the Month.”

Dominic receives an Amazon voucher and our thanks for all his hard work. We caught up with him to find out how he feels about the award.


How do you feel about winning temp of the month?

Winning temp of the month has made me feel really valued by my team. I’m glad my employers believe I’m doing a good job.

What do you like about the company you’re working for?

There is a great atmosphere here. The staff are always really friendly and professional and I’ve been made to feel very welcome.

What do you enjoy about your current role?

My current role as a Project Data Executive is really interesting and challenging. Although the work can be repetitive at times, the managers do their best to keep the role varied and stimulating.

How would you describe your experience of temping with Ascendant Recruitment?

Temping with Ascendant Recruitment gives me the reassurance of being placed in professional organisations. The friendly team are very efficient and always happy to help.

How will you spend your Amazon voucher?

On something techy. I’ll be sure to keep you posted.


Well done Dominic. If you’re immediately available and want to find out more about our current temporary opportunities, please call 01908 200270 (Milton Keynes) or 01604 439380 (Northampton) or email your CV to

Photo: L-R, James Cooke, Dominic Muir, Fiona Hodgkin