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Announcing August’s Temp of the Month winner!

Posted on: 14 Sep 2017, admin

Congratulations to our latest Temp of the Month winner, Iain Tarbuck! He was nominated by his manager, Steve Newell, who’s been incredibly impressed by Iain’s work ethic and dedication.

Steve said: “Iain has performed fantastically on the new flow line we set up recently. Also his commitment to work has been great. His car broke down the other week and he still managed to get here via public transport whilst his car was off the road. A very worthwhile winner.”

Iain wins an Amazon voucher with our thanks for his great work. We caught up with him to offer our congratulations and find out more about his experience of temping with Ascendant Recruitment.


How do you feel about winning temp of the month?

Pleased to have won. It’s great to hear such nice words.

What do you like about the company you’re working for?

I enjoy working with the team to get work completed.

What do you enjoy about your current role?

I enjoy assembling the cabinets and making sure the work is completed to a high standard.

How will you spend your Amazon voucher?

I will treat myself to something to do with golf. 


Congratulations to Iain. If you’re immediately available and want to find out more about our current temporary opportunities, please call 01908 200270 (Milton Keynes) or 01604 439380 (Northampton) or email your CV to info@ascendantrecruitment.co.uk

Photo: L-R, Steve Newell, Iain Tarbuck