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Attracting the best employees – your checklist


If you want to attract the best candidates to your business, ask yourself the following questions:

Is your role offering a competitive salary?

Make sure you have benchmarked your job against other similar roles to ensure you are offering the market rate, or ideally more.

Does your company offer an attractive benefits package to the type of person you are trying to attract?

This might include:

  • Performance related bonus
  • Good pension scheme
  • Flexible working hours (this can be particularly useful to attract candidates who need to balance work with other commitments e.g. childcare)
  • Annual leave offering (some companies even offer an additional day off in lieu for birthdays)
  • Holiday buy back scheme
  • Customer discounts with third parties e.g. gym membership, retail stores etc.

Is your website attractive to the type of people you are trying to attract?  

Put yourself in the position of the candidate. What message does your website send out? Is it professional? Does it list any awards your company has won? Will it appeal to the type of people you WANT it to appeal to?

Is there a ‘Meet the team’ section of the website? Any staff testimonials or case studies? Consider incorporating video into your website to help bring your company to life - this should help attract candidates who are the right cultural fit.

If you are planning to recruit a large number of candidates for a particular type of role, you could even create a microsite targeted specifically to the kind of person you want to attract.

Does your business have a good presence on social media?

As well as a website your website, evaluate your business’ social media sites – LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter etc. What do they say about your business?

You might also want to run a search on the names of your staff who will be interviewing and reviewing their online presence as it will affect a candidate’s overall impression of the company.

Beyond this, consider who will be conducting the interviews. Where possible it’s a good idea to have a senior member of staff present who leaves a good impression of your organisation and is likely to result in your candidate feeling inspired and keen to join.

What is your company reputation?

Google your company name… do you have positive customer reviews? Positive online feedback is essential and encourages potential employees to work for you. If your company has been involved in scandal or has received poor customer reviews, it will put potential employees off. Be prepared to address any issues and reassure the candidate at interview.